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About Us

KPMG Matchi specialises in emerging technology sourcing for firms with innovation and digital transformation at the top of their strategic agenda. We actively observe emerging technologies to track their adoption and placement on technology life cycles over time. KPMG Matchi applies these insights to different industry verticals and actively maintains relationships with technology firms from around the world. These activities help our clients source the right emerging technology firms for their needs using our specifically developed matchmaking platform.

A pioneer of technology sourcing since 2013, we were acquired by KPMG in 2017 to augment their existing digital transformation services. We have grown across industries, technologies and influence – now supported by a network of 162 000+ KPMG professionals from around the world.

The Team

Led by a multi-skilled and dynamic team, KPMG Matchi enjoys dedicated support from a core team of 6 experienced professionals who leverage the reach of KPMG offices around the world – delivering impactful digital transformation experiences.

Shamit Govind

KPMG Partner

Pranesh Kara

KPMG Partner

Ricardo Tavares


Munya Tairowodza

Senior Analyst