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Matchi Live Demo: Infoslips and Penser Analytics


Matchi Master Demo - Modo

We were thrilled to kick off our 2019 Live Demo Series with 2 best in class firms who showcased their emerging technologies to our KPMG colleagues around the world, live.

This session included the following best in class Matchi firms:

Infoslips: This company turns dull and boring statement-of-record documents into engaging and interactive experiences. InfoSlips can create and deliver business-to-business, business-to-consumer and business-to-employee documents that offer an enriched experience and can include features such as AI voice query, personalized video and augmented reality.

Penser Analytics: An instantaneous integrated decision support system that addresses the basic need of rapid access to relevant data with advanced analytics backed insights to take business decisions.

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Contact us for any additional information on InfoSlips or Penser Analytics. We would be delighted to arrange a special demo for your clients with any of the 4500+ solutions on the Matchi portal.