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KPMG Matchi Master Demo Session: Bizagi and Temenos


Matchi Master Demo - Modo

KPMG Matchi Master Demos are monthly online webinars where we invite 2 emerging technology firms per session to demo their solution to our KPMG colleagues around the world.

These conversations are scheduled not only to showcase the emerging tech firms KPMG Matchi has access to, but also to get you thinking about how solutions like these can benefit your clients – or your local firm. With this in mind, we structure each session so that we can help you understand how these technologies can work for your clients, what you need to know in order to share or place them with your clients and general questions which would help you understand the technology and business problems they solve.

Each session is recorded and in this demonstration we host Bizagi and Temenos. More information on each firm below:

Bizagi’s Digital Process Automation platform unifies business process tools, offers no-code application development, integration, AI and RPA in a cloud environment. Ease of use and rapid iteration enable business roles and IT roles to collaborate on digitizing business operations. Bizagi’s 500+ customers worldwide use this solution to rapidly innovate customer experiences.

Temenos: As banks migrate account opening and credit/loan applications to digital channels, they’re realizing that having an online form isn’t enough. The customer journey needs to be frictionless and intuitive for the client. Temenos will showcase their agile onboarding solution with in-built customer journey analytics which is helping banks and fintechs like HSBC, Citi, First Tech Federal Credit Union and Ebury deliver sales experiences customers are happy to complete- leading to increased onboarding completion rate.

For more information or to connect your clients to these firms, please reach out to [email protected]