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At the heart of our future cities, technology will be harnessed to create better, safer, and more efficient experiences. While technology can help unlock nearly unlimited potential, it creates a complex connected ecosystem like never seen before. Successful deployment of smart-city technologies requires a shift in the fundamental mind-set, embedding trusted principles, leading practices, and emerging technologies within the very fabric of a City’s operating model. It is critical that city operators responsibly consider the safety, security and privacy risks created by this ever-connected technology, including during the design and build phases all the way through the operating life of the connected infrastructure.

As technology continues to evolve and disrupt, identifying and managing risks are paramount to building lasting trust of citizens. If the technology fails, it can break this trust, jeopardizing privacy rights and even putting lives in danger. Learn more about how KPMG’s Emerging Technology Risk Services can help your city build and maintain trust through digital technologies.

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